High Risk Merchant Services

A Sample of businesses we approve


Amusement & Recreation Services

Auto Rental

Bail Bondsmen

Buying / Shopping Clubs / Wholesale Clubs


Cellular Phones & Beepers

Check Cashing Services

Coin Shops

Collection Agencies

Computer Stores

Credit Repair

Credit Interest Rate Reduction

Custom Products


Detective Services

Door-to-Door Sales

Downloading of Software

Electronic Cigarettes 

Gun Shops

Hair Restoration Services

High Volume / High Ticket

Home / Apartment Operated Business

Horoscope / Fortune Tellers


Insurance Products

Investment Opportunities

Internet / Custom Jewelry Sales

Meat Provisions, Freezer, Lockers

Mortgage Services / Securities Sales

Multi-level Marketing

Outbound / Inbound Telemarketing / Phone Solicitation

Pawn Shops

Internet Pharmaceuticals / Vitamins

Seminars, Educational

Sports Cards

Sports Forecasting / Consulting

Telecommunications Equipment Sales

Tobacco Sales

Time Share Sales


Used Auto Sales

Water Purifiers

Weight Loss Centers


These are some of the business types we can approve for merchant services.